We designed MindMixer with the belief that civic organizations and people can achieve things together they cannot achieve on their own. We believe it now, and we believed it nearly a decade ago, when we first started helping city planners desperate to involve more community members than the half a dozen or so who typically came to public meetings.

We knew there had to be a better way. We knew it then, and we know it now, after more than a thousand online conversations among leaders and neighbors across the country. We set the stage and brought the microphone, and people of all kinds who cared about their communities came to the casting call—wearing their hopes and dreams and ideas on their sleeves.

Better together.

Leveraging the power of the Internet and social media, MindMixer’s online engagement tools energize communities by cultivating meaningful relationships within them, creating a catalyst for community achievement.

MindMixer works because:

  • It’s Empowering—Make meaningful contributions and see results.

  • It’s Transparent—Follow along as ideas become reality.

  • It’s Affirming—Earn recognition for contributions.

  • It’s Convenient—Participate anytime, anywhere.

  • It’s Actionable—Imagine, support, do. It’s that simple.

Another level: mySidewalk.

Years of deepening engagement among communities showed us that while conversation is powerful, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. In order for city leaders to make more informed decisions, they need to be able to combine qualitative citizen feedback with quantitative information. To that end, we launched mySidewalk in 2015 to help leaders add meaning to their metrics, extracting, measuring and communicating data in a meaningful way.

mySidewalk is a city intelligence tool designed to help local government analysts get data out of silos and into operational, strategic, and policy decisions. Find more about mySidewalk here.