Challenge: Have a clear purpose for doing online engagement.

Every town hall meeting needs to acknowledge its why. Without the why, your community members will have no reason to connect and join the conversation. Online engagement is no different.

So think. What brought you and your team to this point? Are you looking for input in the early stages of your community’s comprehensive plan? Do you want to know the public’s preference for the location of a new park? Are you looking for pitfalls that only neighbors would know as you consider putting in bike lanes?

That’s a good place to start. Connect with us and we’ll get you on your way.


Questions: Know what you'll ask community members.

Once you’ve walked through our Onboarding Wizard and tailored your management dashboard with your own site name and look and feel, you’re ready to dive in.

Whether you want residents to take a quick poll; fill out a multi-part survey; or submit their own fresh ideas in the form of photos, videos or short answers, your MindMixer site can help you get people talking. Having multiple ways to engage at every step of the planning process—whenever and wherever they can—allows community members to map ideas, earn rewards, support or comment on their neighbors’ ideas and get involved in a real conversation with their local leaders.

Just start with a variety of questions and get ready for the ideas to fly.

There are Many Ways to Engage:


Idea Submission

When the City asks big, open-ended questions about top-of-mind issues, citizens can submit their unique ideas and feedback, or simply support what others have expressed using easy-to-use ratings and commenting tools.


Map-Based Idea Submission

Citizens can drop pins on a map to help the City identify places they’d like to see improvements or otherwise bring to the attention of local leaders.



The City can group open- and close-ended questions around common themes, like broadband internet, parks programming, or city cleanup efforts, and citizens can provide quick and confidential feedback.


Instant Poll

When the City needs quick feedback on issues, citizens can select from a list of choices to help the City determine things like how safe citizens feel, what issues should be prioritized, or the most popular choice for a new community slogan.


Photo Share

Cities can ask for submissions of photos of places citizens love or want to see improvements; or the City can administer a visual preference survey on things like new park designs or mixed-use developments.



The City can partner with local organizations to sponsor a “Challenge” around which citizens can offer solutions; let citizens vote on the best ones; and reward the winners.

Conversations: Be part of the conversation.

It’s true for Thanksgiving dinner, and it’s true for online engagement: The quickest way to squelch meaningful conversation is to stop listening. Interaction has to come from both sides in a give and take that reinforces a mutually beneficial relationship.

When you ask your questions and you get participants’ responses, MindMixer makes it easy for you to keep the dialogue going. Respond to ideas in the discussion thread, give updates to your entire community by sending messages to all users and incorporate social media to get even more people involved in the great work happening in you forum.

You know all that feedback isn’t falling on deaf ears. Now you just need to make sure your community knows.

We make the extra mile easy:

Who’s Listening

Let participants know who is taking their feedback into account and responding to their ideas in order to humanize your online dialogue. Invite department directors and other recognizable public leaders to show your residents that their comments are not going unheard.

Seamlessly Map Innovative Ideas

MindMixer is the first and only all-encompassing engagement platform to integrate dynamic mapping through ESRI within the participation suite.

Share with Social Sites

MindMixer has deep integration with the most popular social media sites, allowing participants to share their contributions with their social following and help expand your audience.

Incentivize Engagement

MindMixer has been recognized by several national publications as the leader in gamification within a community engagement platform. Participants earn points every time they engage – points they can use to redeem the rewards you provide.

Robust Topic Library

With MindMixer you will have access to a library of topics and questions built with customers that have achieved the best engagement results.

Language is Not a Barrier

The MindMixer platform can be viewed in more than 90 languages, providing an inclusive and inviting experience for participants of almost any language.

Solutions: Use resident ideas to shape the future of your city.

Just as crucial to any project as the why and the what is the how. How will you incorporate the varying opinions of community members into your ultimate plan? How will you turn the most thoughtful and creative ideas into a reality? In short, how will you make sure people feel heard? The implementation is up to you, but MindMixer’s administrative tools allow you to track what resonates most and keep participants up to date as their involvement goes from idea to impact.


You’ve closed the feedback loop. It’s local-level community action at its finest. The only thing left to do is to start searching for the next great idea.